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INTP Wants Your Brains: how should an iNtuitive deal with management?


At least in the US It seems the bulk of Sensors head for business, and then from there take-over management. In the meantime, iNtuitives control the Academy. This is to the detriment of Sensors, business, management, as well as to iNtuitives and the Academy. It has taken me . . . far too long to realize that Sensors are not stupid, asinine, limited, silly, and otherwise worthless. I finally understand that "different" in this case is qualitative, not quantitative. In fact, my Sensing management is comprised of highly intelligent, experienced, capable people. However, like the iNtuitives in the Academy, like begets like and we seek what is most familiar and comforting to us.

At my company, management identifies other Sensors as qualified and so the management team is replete with well-meaning, Sensing MBAs who work in the present and only with Facts and limitations. Predictably, they do not forecast well; they do not avoid costs well. While they handle emergencies extremely well, they fail to anticipate contradictions they set in motion with policy. Thus, emergencies and associated costs that could have been avoided with foresight materialize; they generally suffer from the drawbacks and shortcomings of reinforced Sensing, without iNtuition--and so like iNtuitives in the Academy who so often have unrealistic expectations and ungrounded assumptions, go about their responsibilities with one eye closed: without stereoscopic vision. Being well-meaning, mature adults, they take responsibilities for failures. But they do so with a Sensing response: they respond with increasingly meticulous Sensing. This does not help.

Six months ago management moved me into a certain position because they identified me as "innovative" and an "outside the box thinker"--even as they describe me as "non-conformist". There are problems that need solving. I am to address them. My formal instructions are "make things better" because I "have brains". In reality, any brains I have are not the issue. They mistake my way of seeing, my Extroverted iNtuition, for intelligence.

The Situation:
Despite the need for change, management seems unwilling to change. It's not just the gentle but consistent rejection of my ideas and work. For example, I'm trying to resurrect a failed program. Management sent me to formal training to get the latest and greatest information about this kind of program. I then prepared a detailed plan for resurrecting and conducting this program. Management is uncomfortable with it: the things I lifted from the text book and plunked into the plan, they don't like--and these are not even my ideas. They are unspecific about what the problem is, though. When I ask what it is that they want, they hesitate. It's not just my ideas--it's change they seem uncomfortable with. Even while they initiate change at one end, they block that very change at the other. I am frustrated and a bit worried.

What the Situation is not:
Not all issues here are Jungian typology/Meyers-Briggs related. However, I am addressing the components that can be explained by Jung/Meyers-Briggs. For the record, I have discussed Jung/Meyers-Briggs with members of management. While they find it interesting, they ultimately lose sight of it because it's abstract, theoretical material. You can't touch it. They are unable or unwilling to expend the energy to synthesize a way to apply Jung/MBTI material to work.

I know what the text books say, though: if you are iNtuitive talking to Sensors, try to avoid theory and present information in terms of facts that apply in the moment. Deal with facts that are as tangible as possible. While I find this more difficult than expected, I attempt to do this--assuming I am somewhat successful . . .

Your Thoughts?
So, if you have suggestions, experience--any information whatsoever about dealing with management and have a few moments, I'd like to know what you think or have done. What has not worked and what has worked to persuade managers? And anything else you'd like to add. I don't want to miss anything.
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