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Hello. I'm at least very, very close to an NT personality (though it's EXTREMELY hard to tell sometimes because I have equal brain hemispheres and other factors.. still, at the end of the day, most of my more important/personal decisions are usually based on intuitive logic, and any psychologist friends I have agree that that's probably the most accurate.) I'm interested in this community and others dealing with the types because I'm currently harvesting research for a personal essay on personality profiling.

Like I said, I'm pretty sure my natural temperament is an NT, but practically ALL of the important people in my life have been NFs and SFs (i.e. close friends, family, SOs, etc), so I've picked up a lot of their tendencies (mostly positive ones, thankfully), and they've expanded my worldview and thinking styles in very positive ways.

Have any of your "modes" been influenced and subject to variation due to the people you're close to? Please share any thoughts you have on this - the main topic of my essay is on shifting/"mixed types", so I'm very curious about things of this nature. Thank you. :)
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