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Board games by type

Hello, everyone!

This weekend, I had the pleasure of attending a gaming fest that focused on board games. I noticed that worker placement/resource management titles like Agricola, Tzolk'in, Caverna, and Settlers of Catan seemed to be exceedingly popular at this event. I found these games to be rather dry: from my perspective, they lacked engagement and interaction between players, and were kind of dull. I thought to myself, "Gee, we're pushing tiny cubes around and making little piles of stuff for 3 hours. Zzzzz." (Apologies to anyone who adores these titles -- I'm glad you do! They're just not for me.)

I would have chalked my "lack of interaction" reaction to my very low E (I'm right on the borderline), but my husband, who is an off-the-charts I, detested them, too. We're both NTJs -- I/E is our primary axis of difference, so that's what made me wonder if our personality types might relate to the style of games we prefer.

Does anyone have insights or thoughts on this?

Many thanks, and have a good day!
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